Pre-production Design

Mingyi cares about the actual product requirements of each client, the professional design team would use their practical experience to propose professional and unique personalized design plans for all the clients.

Physical Sample Preparation

Before production, Mingyi makes physical samples for each client to ensure that every detail of the products meets the customer's final requirements.

Automatic Production

Mingyi adopts advanced printing equipment to ensure product quality and protect the rights and interests of clients from a professional perspective.

Innovative Technology

Mingyi is equipped with professional post-processing equipment and innovatively integrates the product technology to meet the unique demands of clients.

Post-Production Inspection

Mingyi has a professional product quality inspection team, which strictly controls the quality of the products and destroys the unqualified products to minimize the possible product risks faced by clients.

Quality Analysis

Mingyi regularly organizes product quality analysis meetings, using professional testing instruments to inspect the quality of products, and provides clients with better service experience.